Access sql server not updating tables

Posted by / 25-Apr-2020 03:08

Access sql server not updating tables

Here's another test: r4912 now uses ISO format without the "T" in the middle.I'm now spending some time to find the cause of the missing milliseconds part of the cell values.

If so, the plan is removed from the cache, and during recompilation of the query, the statistics are updated.The problem is caused by time precision in SQL Server.You'll find that SQL Server cannot process Date Time values with millisecond accuracy.The following query reveals the milliseconds by using a CONVERT() function call: r4913 should fix some things on MSSQL: * Microsecond precision is now displayed in table structure editor, in column "Length/Set" * ...and these are editable for DATETIME2 types, not so for DATETIME types, for which I got an SQL error when trying to pass a precision to the ALTER TABLE query.

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The plan also is removed from the cache if any of the statistics it depends on have changed.

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