Accommodating as a conflict management Free webcames no sinning in or anything

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The leader works towards maintaining a favorable condition for the team.

A state of warmth, friendship and the entire well-being of the group.

Competing- this is a zero-sum game, whereby one party wins and the other loses.

Consequently, highly assertive persons get back into the competition as a way of managing the conflict.

This technique is very helpful but, it needs a lot of time commitment and cannot be applied to all conflicts.

Accommodating- this is a strategy that involves giving the opposing what they need.

This is important when one of the parties want peace maintained within the team especially by perceiving the issues as minors.

It describes how they value the task and how they work to make their point clear.

Cooperativeness describes the level to which they attempt to satisfy the other’s concerns.

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” “I'm sure they will see it my way if they just think about it.” “I know I'm right.” This is the “I win, you lose” position.