Adam lazzara dating

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Adam lazzara dating

When I found out last year that Lazzara was living here, I vowed to write about him the next opportunity I got.There are plenty of bands I like more than Taking Back Sunday and plenty that I like less, but Lazzara has an interesting story and I like writing about Charlotteans who have interesting stories.At best, it leads to a vigorously defiant elitism in our music scene that's a little out of proportion.That's perhaps because this city traditionally has not supported — and in fact, in some cases, punishes — adventurous artists who push buttons.We just wrapped up the Michigan portion of the record. We’re kind of “free agents” right now so we’re left to our own devices, which is a really great place to be when you’re in a band and creating. So much happens in that contained time of recording. But this recording is a great representation of us as a band right now. There are elements of our past in everything we write. Of course, as we grow as musicians and as people, I like to think that the songwriting grows, too. So that’s something that’s been really exciting for us to be able to let go and let the song happen.You’re playing a couple of shows at Starland, which will be special since the venue has been out of commission since the hurricane.

In early June, the band took to Twitter to share the good news that you’re recording your sixth studio album! Is the recording process for this record any different for you guys? Then we’re doing five songs on Long Island with Mike Sapone, who did our original demos way back when. Maybe in the past there were other outside influences and things steering us in one direction or another. When you get stagnant, like [you might] in a relationship with someone or anything in life, that’s normally when something needs to get shaken up. We spent all these years trying to fit into this world of “you need a hit” and the right “single,” and then I think what we’re realizing is that, when you take that pressure out of the equation, those types of songs just appear.

I met Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday a little more than a year ago.

He'd come over to my house to do an audio interview with my friend DD Thornton, host of the Internet radio show Deaconlight at Error

We had all of our friends out there, and we were friends with all the bands playing. We got the news about how Starland got hit pretty hard, along with our friends out there. There’s something special about Taking Back Sunday’s fan community. You can hear it specifically on the acoustic record, where there’s just a ton of great fan interaction.

The fact that we’re part of the grand reopening makes me really excited. These aren’t just fans, they are a lifeline to the band.

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When it comes to celebrity, Charlotte can be an odd place.

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