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Gary you have done an outstanding job on creating and giving all of us the connections to all of Then and Now Dunseith residents. 😊 Dave Slyter Class of 70 Story from Vickie Metcalfe (’70): Bottineau, ND Cousin Dean and I were almost 7 years old the first time we rode the rails.Unbeknownst to the 2 Lamb kids or 2 Metcalfe girls, our parents, Uncle Floyd & Aunt Dorothy, along with Uncle Willard & Aunt Betty Jane made a plan for us to visit Grand Forks.

As I have aged to an extent I did not anticipate, I find the posts more and more valuable.For your and your family’s devotion to the citizens of our part of America, I give thanks and gratitude.You have had a big hand in bringing us all together on the same frequency.Martha and Dean along with their parents stopped to pick up my sister and I.Excited to be on our way the four of us boarded the East bound train at Rugby.

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To me, doing things like that can open a chapter of ‘deja vu’ sometimes. Several years ago I was selling some ‘trade’ guns at a gun show in Minot, when a guy about my age walked up to my table and asked what the price was on a little old Stevens boy’s rifle.