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Although the Henry VI trilogy may not have been written in chronological order, the three plays are often grouped together with Richard III to form a tetralogy covering the entire Wars of the Roses saga, from the death of Henry V in 1422 to the rise to power of Henry VII in 1485.

It was the success of this sequence of plays that firmly established Shakespeare's reputation as a playwright.

Warwick then invades England with French troops, and Edward is taken prisoner while a heavily pregnant Lady Grey (now Queen Elizabeth) flees to sanctuary.

Henry is restored to the throne, and appoints Warwick and George as his Lords Protector.

Meanwhile, Edward reorganises his forces, and confronts Warwick's army.

The Yorkists regroup, and at the Battle of Towton, Clifford is killed and the Yorkists are victorious.

Following the battle, Edward is proclaimed king, George is proclaimed Duke of Clarence and Richard, Duke of Gloucester, although he complains to Edward that this is an ominous dukedom.

Warwick arrives at the French court to find that Margaret, Prince Edward and the Earl of Oxford have come to Louis to seek his aid in the conflict in England.

Just as Louis is about to agree to supply Margaret with troops, Warwick intervenes, and convinces Louis that it is in his interests to support Edward and approve the marriage.

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However, George Plantagenet, Richard and Edward's brother, has vowed to join their cause, having been encouraged to do so by his sister, the Duchess of Burgundy.