Adult dirty chat 10p a min

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Adult dirty chat 10p a min

On Friday, I had some time to kill between castings and found myself walking around in the Covent Garden area.I was passing by a shop called Oro Gold when a feminine looking guy with an Israeli accent stopped me to offer me a sample.He then started throwing in even more products that I would get included in the price he had already offered me, stating that he was not making anything out of the sale now, and that he only gave me this “amazing” offer because he liked me and wanted me to use their products.

I told him yes, I would never buy products for hundreds of pounds without doing research first and trying samples.

He started asking lots of questions, about which products I used on a daily basis, how much I spent on beauty products a month, how long my creams lasted etc.

He also showed me the “luxurious” packaging of the products, showing me where I could find the ingredients list so that I could have a look, but as soon as I started studying it he snapped the packaging out of my hands and started talking about something else.

I stood up and started to leave the shop before he could make my ears bleed even more, on the street just outside the shop a man dressed in suit – looking like the shop manager – starting shouting after me, wanting to know why I was leaving so soon (had probably spent 20 minutes in the shop).

I just kept going, I had already had enough of these rude, aggressive people.

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He claimed that he had been working for the big brands like Chanel, La Prairie, Creme de la Mer etc (not so sure about that!

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