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Most notably, William Mc Gurn, chief editorial writer at The Wall Street Journal, has written a series of hard-hitting pieces accusing the Saudis of holding Americans captive.[2] A new book by one of the mothers will appear early in 2003.[3] The issue has yet to be resolved, and it has come to exemplify the sharp cultural clash suppressed by the interest-driven politics of U.No document better conveys that clash than the eight-page brochure entitled "Marriage to Saudis," which was published and distributed by the consular bureau of the Department of State, from the mid-1990s.

It used to be me," but then confided in Elizabeth: "I'm not unaware any more."Writer/director John Singleton's coming-of-age tale was set in South Central Los Angeles.

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It's going to be a whirlwind, a cataract, a maelstrom.

Plusse (Karin Viard) on a squeaky bed ("squeak squeak").