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Adventdating com

It’s very easy to go and some chocolate, of course, but I always think that handmade things convey a better feeling of sincerity.Chocolate truffles are really nothing more than firm chocolate ganache.I would be the first to say that Germany is a really awesome country.However, there are just some days where I just really miss home, you know? Comfort food, piping hot from my brand new mini oven.I love baking completely from scratch, but I also enjoy taking ready-made mixes and experimenting with them.When it comes to instant cake mixes and anything one needs for convenient baking, Germany is tops.

Here, I’ve substituted blätterteig, since I made it on a Tuesday night between loads of laundry and piles of homework.

Every supermarket has a complete stock of a multitude of mixes, single-use flavorings , and even instant cake decor.

Tweaking a simple and cheap cake mix to create something extra special is an easy way to impress your friends or guests without worrying about never having tried a new recipe.

They are very easily flavoured by the home cook – you can add espresso powder, nuts, fruit liquers, and even more exotic things – for example, tea flavours like Earl Grey, chai, and matcha.

They do require a bit of time, mainly for the chopping and firming processes, though the former can be greatly expidated if you buy smaller bits of chocolate (ie.

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