Aedating4cms php cmses inc mysql Chatsexegypt

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Aedating4cms php cmses inc mysql

Hackers usam sites falsos para roubar dados de usuários desatentos, porem você pode conseguir esses dados com uma simples pesquisa no google..

digite inurl:yahoo ou yahoo ou gmail o que você achar melhor, também pode ser trocado o por account, password ai vai da sua criatividade.

If they would have been able to get this script executed though my site's page, it would have opened doors to get almost any arbitrary PHP code executed from my domain.

FORM[url]=owned&CONFIG[captcha]=1&CONFIG[path]= /includes/kb_constants.php? I have been pretty surprised seeing the rising number of hacking attempts against this website.A larger number of these attempts have targeted a well-known vulnerability in Flash Chat, a popular chat room for PHP/My Sql installations. tiny MCE_imglib_include= “Papoo CMS” /functions.php? include_path= “powered by: phpecard” modules/My_e Gallery/index.php? basepath= inurl:”*”My_e Gallery” components/com_galleria/php? mos Config_absolute_path= inurl:”*”com_galleria/” /includes/order php? glob=1&cart_order_id=1&glob[root Dir]= “powered by Cube Cart 3.0.6” /class.mysql.php?Think Crunch: Download Premium Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile: "Saya punya kabar gembira nih buat downloader maniak, sekarang ada tools download premium untuk Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile.

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powered by Captain Crunch Security Team"c99.php" filetype:phpc99.

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