Alex carr dating elvis duran secret of online dating

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Alex carr dating elvis duran

"I announced on Instagram that all the money made on all sandwich sales that day would be donated to a charity of Elvis' choosing," Leo said. I felt good about that." So what was it like, meeting Elvis?

"Elvis reposted it and as a result, there was lots traffic in Leo's Deli that day. I asked Elvis which charity I should donate to, since I made 0. "That morning my wife Ela and I woke up at AM to make the sandwiches," Leo said. But when we walked into the studio, I saw Greg T and immediately recognized his voice.

He has a net worth of million but his salary is not revealed yet.

Currently, there are no desperate rumors regarding his personal and professional life. Besides these, he has salt and pepper hair and brown eyes.

Last month during National Zookeeper appreciation week, Leo made sandwiches in the shape of the letters spelling "zoo" and presented them to the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Staten Island Zoo, which he and his young children enjoy almost weekly.

Leo coordinated the event with Alex Carr, a zookeeper at the S. Zoo and Elvis Duran's partner, who regularly visits Leo's Deli to enjoy their delicious sandwiches; he wanted to share with his colleagues at the Zoo. Then I realized the only thing missing is the number 1 and I can make the Z100 sandwiches." After more coordination, this time with the Z-100 folks, Leo and his wife Ela brought the Z-100 sandwiches to Elvis. "The letter Z was a chicken cutlet sandwich with goat cheese fresh avocado and balsamic glaze," explained Leo.

"Shortly after Elvis Duran greeted us warmly and took pictures with us.

Then I start baking our morning croissants, put out my bread and bagels, make fresh coffee, get my newspapers out, and then open the store." But exactly how did Leo's sandwiches make their way to Elvis at Z-100? For Leo Balaj, owner of Leo's Deli at 1153 Forest Ave."It was a very exciting day for me, as I am a big big fan of Elvis Duran," said Leo.“She said, ‘When I was little I would listen to your show and dream of the day you would play my song — and now here I am,’” recalls Elvis.“She was overwhelmed.” Elvis could relate: Growing up in Texas, he dreamed of one day hearing his own voice over the airwaves. He got his foot in the door at a small Dallas radio station in the early ’80s; gigs in Atlanta and Houston followed before he landed his dream job at NYC’s Z100 in 1986.

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It is now also the "official deli of the Staten Island Zoo," according to Elvis.