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All the online faroese dating love 2016

Many other newspapers in Europe are also carrying the disturbing images, like the Independent, Daily Mail, and the Metro.

All of the major cruise lines still cruise to ports in the Faroes and profit by selling sell shore excursions to their guests.

There they are slaughtered with traditional knives whose blades are usually 16 to 19 cm (6.3 to 7.5 in) long.

Usually two deep cuts are made on either side of the animal’s neck, just behind the blow hole, causing the head to drop forward; a third cut is then made through the middle of the neck down to the carotid arteries and spinal cord, which are severed.

Yesterday Fox News covered the horrific slaughter, showing images (video below), taken by Sea Sheperd volunteers, of the gruesome killing of these highly social mammals.

It was the first time, to my knowledge, that a major U. television network focused on the gruesome slaughter.

The locals call it the "Grindadráp" or the "Grind."' I call it the killing of families of defenseless mammals for fun by sick sociopaths.

So are Princess Cruises customers the sickest and the least hygienic cruisers around?

Irrespective of the blame-game, don't call us if you get sick on a cruise.

Proving where the virus came from, or that the cruise line was negligent, is virtually impossible to prove, especially since the CDC conducts no epidemiological analysis and sometimes can't even figure out whether the outbreak is due to norovirus, e-coli or something as exotic as .

The Faroes tourism website features a large photo (below) of a cruise ship and encourages visitors to visit by cruise or ferry.

I say Beware, the images below (after the cruise ship), taken by the Sea Shepard volunteers, are gruesome.

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