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Director: Anand Tucker Cast: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott, John Lithgow Screenplay: Deborah Kaplan & Harry Elfont Cinematography: Newton Thomas Sigel Music: Randy Edelman U.

From a calendar-standpoint, leap year comes along once every four years.

With an "oil and water" formula in which the leads are expected to start out sparring and end up kissing, this might not be a bad thing, except it runs too deep and lasts too long.

By the time the lovers are going through the motions of succumbing to Cupid, there's neither heat nor passion. She's more interested in nabbing a coveted available spot in a high-end condominium community that she is in finding true love.

We believe the dislike at the onset but not the romance at the payoff. Still, she's hoping for marriage so when her long-term boyfriend, Jeremy (Adam Scott), presents her with a gift of twin diamond stud earrings instead of something she can wear on her finger, she's crushed.

She's so tired, in fact, and so desperate, that she decides to take the barroom advice of her besotted father (played in a far-too-short two-minute appearance by John Lithgow).

According to an old Irish tradition -- and to family tradition -- he tells her, on the 29th day of February in a leap year, it's acceptable for Irish lasses to propose to their lads, rather than the other way around.

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(That it's an ancient tradition apparently excuses the built-in chauvinism, to the extent that nobody questions that women apparently aren't "allowed" to be so bold in the intervening four years.) So from Boston to Dublin she goes, where she plans on surprising her unsuspecting cardiologist boyfriend -- who is, conveniently, in Ireland on business -- with an Irish proposal.

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