Angela dating bow wow Chat online sex phon

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Angela dating bow wow

He was so happy it was mentioned bc he thinks it made him look like what his warped definition of a man is. They are destroying our people and getting paid to do it.

In what world does this man deserve to be celebrated & earn millions?

You should have kept that to yourself because you just guaranteed a hoe for a housewife. He discussed other things in the video, like his relationship with his father, loving his daughter, the price of fame (sort of).

I think he felt pressured to answer those silly questions. He looks very unhealthy, I think he should eat more greens and get checked for anemia This video was great!!!

A solid reinforcement of my disgust & lack of respect for most men caught up in the misogynistic hip hop culture.

His behavior is grotesque & ironically he is admitting not having a father to help raise him & his actions show that he did not have the influence of a real man in his life.

It' cool with me because I wouldn't let any of these men touch me nor would I ever respond to a man that sends someone else get to my number for him.

And at the very least, if you aren't going to further educate yourself try to have more self respect .

Bragging about sleeping with promiscuous women is childish and disrespectful to yourself and your family.

Rapper Bow Wow dropped by The Breakfast Club this morning and revealed which famous chicks he's smashed since he started rapping. Bow Wow dropped by The Breakfast Club this morning and during their revealing interview, he confirmed his "list." As names where listed, he confirmed if the chick was someone he has smashed. I DNT THINK THERE IS ANY REASON 4 PPL 2 GET THIS UPSET, SO WHAT IF HE TOLD.


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He is a disgrace This has nothing to do with his race but everything to do with his maturity level smh Ladies save yourself for marriage and you won't just be another notch on a man's belt (thats what me and my husband will be teaching our daughters anyway)... Ok , no one would be even talking about you if you wouldn't have done this interview about who you have screwed .

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