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Arkansas adult sex dating

This guide was produced by the Arkansas Crime Information Center.

Although the material contained in this publication is believed to be accurate, readers should not rely exclusively on its contents.

Most crimes in Arkansas are defined by the Arkansas Criminal Code.

It is vital to understand that criminal cases are brought by the State, not the victim of the crime.

Working closely with prosecuting attorneys, law enforcement officers frequently testify at trials.

It is not intended as legal advice or as a substitute for legal research.

Arkansas offers a wide range of services, such as shelter, cash assistance, and counseling.

The organizations that provide assistance to crime victims are listed, along with a brief description of each.

This guide is not intended as a legal reference or to provide legal advice, but as an aid to further understanding of the criminal justice system in Arkansas.

A Crime Victim's Guide to the Justice System in Arkansas This guide provides an overview of the criminal justice system in Arkansas.

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Once the emergency needs of persons at the scene are met, officers then begin collecting evidence.

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