Asia free chat video brunei

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Asia free chat video brunei

Separating the two is a salient of the Malaysian state of Sarawak, which on the landward side surrounds both parts of Brunei. The country has four districts: Belait, Tutong, Brunei and Muara, and Temburong.Bruneis oil and gas fields are centered in the towns of Seria and Kuala Belait, approximately 67 miles southwest of the capital, as well as offshore.The climate is equatorial with uniform temperatures and high humidity.Population Last Updated: 12/2/2003 AM Of a total population of approximately 338,000, 68% are Malays, 15% are Chinese, and 6% are non-Malay indigenous people, including Ibans, Dusins, and several other tribal groupings.The luxurious Empire Hotel also has its own mini-multiplex cinema.Brunei has more than two hundred primary and secondary schools (including non-government schools); many are being computerized.

Under this agreement, Brunei was internally self-governing, with Britain responsible for foreign affairs and having a consultative role in external defense.

Expatriates (mostly foreign workers) make up 12% of the population, including Australians, British, Filipinos, Indonesians, Malaysians, and South Asians.

Malay is the official language, but English is spoken almost everywhere in the country.

In 1984, Brunei resumed full sovereign status and assumed responsibility for its own defense and foreign affairs.

Brunei is a member of the United Nations, the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the Commonwealth, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum, the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank.

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The Host Country Area, Geography, and Climate Last Updated: 12/2/2003 AM Brunei occupies 3,459 square miles on the northern coast of the Island of Borneo and is 350 statute miles north of the Equator at 5 North, 115 East.