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But the uncle is short, not having a good figure and might be impotent. She was looking quite sexy in the nightgown and I was wearing blue jeans and t-shirt.

I always use to look at aunt's body whenever got time and often masturbated by thinking of her. We were also watching movie on cable as talking to each other.

I removed her black bra and started sucking her big tits. We together saw a xxx cd and we both got the mood again to have sex.

I placed her on the bed and started sucking her right nipple first , it became hard and erect. Then I increased my force and pressed them hard and I could hear her moan. She holded me tightly and we both lay there for about 15 minutes. I told her to do once more but when she started playing with my ‘thing’, it felt too painful for me. She went to bathroom then, washed it and came back. Then once more we have had our sex but I was so weak then because of last nights ‘work’ and the ‘morning plays’ with my lovely aunt. After that we both had our breakfast and she went her home though it was a holiday..

She said your Uncle has are not been able to satisfy her and she is sex hungry for long time, she wants me satisfy her sex urge.

She slowly removed my t-shirt and started kissing on my chest as well as sucking my nipples.

She said help me to remove cloths, I gently removed her nightgown.

I came through this site recently and decided to write one of my gr8 experience in life. Infront of our house there was a husband and wife with 3 daughters. Babu uncle was working in dubai and will come on leave once in an year. I placed my hands on her boobs and slowly massaged them. On reching home I went to my room and lied on my bed. I usually masturbated thinking of my aunt and was looking for a chance to have sex with her, though I know it was impossible. When the door got opened I stood up with fear in my face. I tried to pluck it out,and got slapped fondly on my was all too much for me.

Then suddenly with one big thrust I shot out a truckload of semen into her pussy & even she reached her orgasm at the same time. Then I noticed that someone was in my bathroom, which is attached to my room. From that day onwards I kept a desire in my mind to have sex with her… I had never enough courage of telling to her of sex till the right day came. Once my parents had to go out of station for a marriage of our relative which was a long distance from our home. My ‘thing’ was so erect that I could see it bulging through my jeans. It was too much and I came inside her mature mouth.

We were so exhausted by now that we just were lying in each others arms. I have the study leave then so I didn’t accompany then.. I suddenly shutdown the computer and went out of my room wearing my shirt and jeans. I asked her not to tell the things to anyone and ran to my room. My heart beat rose because if she tell this to anyone my entire good image will lose. My buddy's mom didn't even blink,not to say about seems she knew perfectly my timing, being an experienced slut.

She shifted the topic to my future plans and about marriage.

I told her no plans for marriage at present since I had settle in my professional life however any good proposal came for girl having qualities like to you, I will consider the things. I told her that she is well educated, settled , working, beautiful and sexy.

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She looked up at once in a while, her eyes wide open and fill with love. On reaching bedroom, I made her stand by the wall and removed the nighty. Her cries became loud and she began to murmur some words unclear. She told ‘I hadn’t had this much wonderful orgasm in my entire life’. During many of my masterbating session, I thought of her sucking my cock. I started to shiver as she was giving such a nice blow job. She sucked my cock deep inside her mouth and also had her tongue upon my balls. Then put dick onto hers and with a strong push had half inside. Searching through all the sites that contain sex stories I found one the most interesting Kerala Erotica site that publishes stories written by keralites. She came in with a packet of bread and butter and said that it was for my breakfast. She again gave me a sexy smile and didn't told anything She was standing right in front of me in a light green nightee . I was not able to control my feelings and I then touched her breast. We sat for some chat on her settee, with coffee of course. I must have been 19 at the time,and this was a 44 year old mom of 2.

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