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Australian amateur dating site

As Australia is so large and contains a rich variety of climates, climatologists need to carefully account for changes in the network.They need to make sure, for example, that the expansion of the network into the hot desert interior and tropical north have not produced biases in Australian-average temperature over time.For more information see Data and networks Among the hundreds of thousands of climate observations recorded in the Bureau’s database each day, it is unavoidable that some records contain errors.This can be due to automated equipment faults, human error in manual observations and a range of other glitches.An extensive audit trail of data and metadata keeps track of corrections that may need to be applied.The data from each ACORN-SAT observing location is subject to ten different quality control checks.

Any number of instrument configurations were used, including—perhaps iconically—thermometers housed in beer crates on outback verandas.

By 1910, however, the newly formed Australian Bureau of Meteorology had established standardised equipment in many parts of the country Over the past century, the Bureau has expanded, developed and advanced its network of observing sites.

In 2011, the Bureau had 774 temperature recording sites and nearly 6000 rain gauges operating across Australia.

Changes in infrastructure also affect the Bureau’s network.

Over time, towns and cities grow, new roads and airports are built, and rural land use changes.

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Creating a modern Australian temperature record from the high volumes of data collected takes a lot of work.

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