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That being said, if you had a birthday four to five months ago, you need to apply right now for coverage.

Hopefully, you can get your policy in force before your insurance birthday to avoid paying higher premiums.

As you can see in the example above – having to pay out 4 premiums in back coverage costs far less money than sustaining the financial blow of another birthday. BUT if you are holding a term policy and think you may only need it for a couple of years, this is not a good option at all because you won’t break even. If your circumstances are similar to my 60 year old client above and you have to pay out 3.08 in back premiums but are able to take advantage of the lower monthly payment, in three years you will have more than broken even!

In order to be awarded backdated benefit you must: It is possible for there to be 'continuous good cause' for Housing Benefit, but not Council Tax Reduction and vice versa.In the example above, my client turned 60 on October 1st 2016.That means his insurance birthday would be six months later on April 1The only catch is, if the policy commences March 31st 2017, my client will have to pay premiums from that date onwards before his policy goes into effect.Which means he will have to shell out money for a few weeks worth of insurance that he won’t be technically covered for. It’s not uncommon for life insurance agents to backdate two, three, or even four months to save age.When you are looking at saving thousands of dollars over your 20 year term, it makes sense to cough up a few extra months of premiums to offset that loss. This client is a non smoking male, who has recently obtained a Preferred rating.

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If you disagree with the council's decision not to award backdating, or you do not agree with the period it has been granted, you can appeal against it to the independent Appeals Service for Housing Benefit and the Valuation Tribunal for England for Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

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