Boundaries dating workbook

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Boundaries dating workbook

Assignment 3S Describe how and where you learned about sex when you were younger (include X-rated movies, magazines, books, school, watching others, telephone "sex lines," etc.).

Assignment 3T Describe any and all sexual experiences you have had with anyone older than you, including incidents you consider mutual as well as nonconsenting.

Please list each question on a separate piece of paper, and then answer the question. What have you learned about your potential risk of sexual reoffense or future sexual behavior problems? What are some risk factors which could increase your potential risk of reoffense or future sexual behavior problems? Things to bring up in your weekly group session: 1. Include all bribes, threats, force, promises, stories, etc. Think about how each of the victims of your sexual behavior reacted to your sexual behavior.

This assignment usually takes more than four pages. Significant positive or negative events in your life. Describe exactly what each of the victims said or did while you were acting out sexually. Explain how the important people in your life reacted when they found out about your sexual behavior problems.

In this assignment, list your plans for your sexual behavior, including all thoughts of offending. Where were you and who was with you when you got caught? (0 means you weren't honest about anything, 100% means you were completely honest about everything): _____ % How honest you are now being about the full extent of your sexual behavior problems: ___ % List all of the people to shom you have told the whole truth about all of your sexual behavior.

Check with your counselor for other instructions begore using this form. Before starting the fantasy, review all of the requirements listed below. Describe what those conditions might be, and what sexual behavior problems you are capable of having in the future. 282, near end of book) Personal FFO (Freedom From Offending) Contract 5. Knowledge of your history of offending: who will you tell in the future about your history of sexual offenses? How do you intend to keep the sexual element of your relationships healthy and responsible? Work: what jobs do you hope to pursue in the future? In the future whom do you think you will tell about your history of sexual behavior problems? Detailed descriptions of all sexual and other unacceptable feelings and behaviors ad infinitum, with self-castigation.] (p. Check with your counselor to see if you should fill out that section. Fill out the list below with the names of each person you have acted out with sexually.

This will help your fantasy be healthy and appropriate. Long-Term Environmental Restrictions Your long-term success will depend to a large extent on the long-term personal boundaries and barriers you build into your life after treatment. Contact with children: under what circumstances will you let yourself have contact with children more than three years younger than yourself? Drugs or alcohol: under what circumstances will you let yourself engage in drug or alcohol use? What jobs will you put off-limits for yourself based on your history? Alternatives to Offending What will you do, who will you call to prevent yourself from reoffending when you find yourself in your offense cycle or in a high risk situation? 289) Final Exam Open Book: Typed Report Encouraged. Describe how you intend to maintain your treatment gains after completing this treatment program. What are the factors that might eventually lead you to having sexual behavior problems in the future? 32) The following information should be shared in every treatment group. The blanks for the fantasy are where you write down what you thought about when you were thinking about sex. Describe your relationship with each person, the age of the person, and your age when the sexual behavior started.

Assignment 3X List everybody with whom you have ever had sexual contact (including the victims).

Start with your first contact and go in order through your most recent sexual encounter. 72-73) Assignment 4A In the space below, list the names of the persons you victimized in a direct manner.

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You should fill out the form every time you masturbate, as well as every time you have an inappropriate sexual thought (deviant sexual fantasy)... Any time you make excuses for your behavior, blame someone else, or suggest that what you did wasn't wrong, you're using a , Vol. At the bottom of the form you will notice a section that says M=___.

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