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Multi-Level Marketing, also known as MLM, is a scam. Before I get started, I know this post is likely to ruffle a few feathers.

Hopefully if you are involved in MLM though, you can please let your guard down so I can give you some perspective outside of the “bubble”.

It is a stupid feeling when you realize that you have been ripped off and in no way would I call anyone stupid or look at anyone that way if they were part of an MLM.

Yes, you can pay for ratings within the BBB (even if you are a totally illegitimate company).

The same Acai juice, if not better quality, could be bought at Costco for less than .

Sure, you are paying a Premium…but the only reason you are is because you have to fund the scheme itself and this is done through inflated prices. You don’t own anything other than “product” that you usually are required to buy from the company (for way more than it is actually worth).

Often times when you are involved in a group and everyone thinks the same and acts the same, you don’t get any unique perspective.

Also, when you PAY for something you are instantly going to defend your purchase.

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This more than validates that you were part of the program not for the quality of the product, rather the potential opportunity if you got other people involved in the product. Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting products to customers.

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