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C control on validating

= 6) } logic, that seems to err in their favour Aug 5 06 #6 base leaves me somewhat unconvinced that it is a correct explanation of the motivation for this particular line.google for every possible result, and I either end up with data validation for C or nothing at all.It is not POSIX-compliant, nor is it available on Windows.pointer to local var valid? NET validation would fail in case of invalid or missing data.

gurdz wrote: Does anyone know how to perform data validation in C. Checking the valid syntax and semantics of information system inputs (e.g., character set, length, numerical range, and acceptable values) verifies that inputs match specified definitions for format and content.Software applications typically follow well-defined protocols that use structured messages (i.e., commands or queries) to communicate between software modules or system components.A common vulnerability in organizational information systems is unpredictable behavior when invalid inputs are received.This control enhancement ensures that there is predictable behavior in the face of invalid inputs by specifying information system responses that facilitate transitioning the system to known states without adverse, unintended side effects.

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