Carbon dating lava not

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It would therefore be reasonable to conclude that these same qualities would have also been put to use in other skills such as reading and writing.

possessed a sense of community spirit by performing ritual burials and caring for the old and sick.

Through examining the attachment points at which muscle binds to their bones it has been illustrated that their calves and biceps were extremely well developed as well as their pectoral chest and back muscles.

is made out of the leg bone of a young bear still retaining its four finger holes.In a cave in Iraq, archaeologists uncovered skeletons of a man, two women and an infant buried together in soil containing pollen of flowers.The flowers, being set there by survivors, strongly suggests that .The average Neanderthal brain measured 1,500 milliliters in volume compared to less than 1,400 milliliters for humans current world-wide average.This brain size allowed for large cerebral hemispheres. Yet they left almost no permanent record of their presumed intelligence or culture.

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In succeeding years many further specimens have been found, not only in the German Neander Valley, but in with rickets, caused by a deficiency of vitamin D.