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Career dating

The work that is required to achieve both these goals isn’t necessarily taxing, or trying, but it is work.We only have so much energy as human beings, and it’s important to make choices that are the right choices for you, not the right choices for someone else.Dating Moments Pte Ltd, a leading Dating Agency in Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong is expanding their team of expertise!With our continuous growth in the dating industry, we are looking for the Right People with the Right Attitudes to be part of our Service-oriented and Results- oriented team.Looking for a new job, or guiding the little boat that you’re on towards fairer job shores and career goals takes energy.Sending out cover letters day after day, after you’ve already worked eight hours at your current job takes energy.

There’s rejection, constant self-doubt, and an occasional churning doom in the pit of your stomach, a voice that whispers, “Maybe, just give this up and resign yourself to doing something else.” First dates are like job interviews.When a well-intentioned person asks me if I’m dating anyone, I tell them that I’m focusing on work right now, and will deal with that portion of my life later.The look of confusion and then what I intuit to be a weird sort of sympathy that flickers over their face used to give me pause. “I’m focusing on my career,” sounds like a neat way to shut somebody up, an answer so pat that it has to be an excuse, but trust me, it’s not.Go on as many bad dates as you can, and hopefully, one of them will be good.This is a lot easier said than done, and while it is silly to think to myself, sometimes that’s how my brain works.

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I truly believe that there is somebody out there for everybody, as silly and as fairytale delusional as that may sound.