Catholic view on inter racial dating the safest gay dating sites

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Three and a half years ago, when she became pregnant, they decided to tie the knot.

A recent survey by Channel News Asia, in partnership with the Institute of Policy Studies, reflects some of these response.In my Indian-Eurasian household, which feels neither very Indian nor very Eurasian, we just call them aunty (insert name) and uncle (insert name).I have always been indifferent to my cultural roots, flippant to a point.I wouldn’t consider myself religious, but I am constantly open and curious about other people’s heritage.The same goes for my wife, who identifies herself as a third-culture kid.

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The documentary profiled three mixed-race couples who spoke about the ups and downs of their relationships, from gaining family acceptance to bringing up their mixed-heritage children. WE’VE HAD IT EASYYet in talking to some of those who wrote on our Facebook page, and re-watching the episodes, it struck me - my wife and I have had it easy, relationship wise.