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Chat room unregistered

If an image cannot be downloaded the regular link is displayed instead.The option requires a few prerequisites in order to operate correctly: GD and Curl extensions must be installed, Media Library must operate correctly, posted image link must have a valid extension (jpg, jpeg, gif or png), HTTP status code of the response must be equal 200, image cannot be larger than 3MB (the default limit that can be adjusted in settings). If you installed a plugin that incorporates Lightbox library and it still doesn’t work make sure that the plugin uses original Lightbox 2 Javascript library.It also has a growing list of features and the constant support.Check Wise Chat PRO: private messages, avatars, Facebook-like sidebar mode, Pro themes, custom emoticons, Multisite support, Buddy Press integration, Facebook/Twitter/G login and more! Wise Chat: Try DEMO here | Documentation | Full features list For the full documentation of the shortcode attributes visit the website: Shortcode documentation You can install Wise Chat using dedicated shortcode.Wise Chat is a chat plugin that helps to build a social network and to increase user engagement of your website by providing possibility to exchange real time messages in chat rooms.The plugin is easy installable and extremely configurable.By default is used as a backend script and this script has poor performance. If you want to reduce server load try to change “AJAX Engine” property to “Lightweight AJAX”.

Every 3 seconds the plugin checks for new messages using AJAX request.You can open it using MS Excel, Open Office or any other editor that supports CSV format.This is a neat plugin and all and seems to work well enough, except its script executes CONSTANTLY.Next to each message there should be a button that allows to ban an user for 1 day.Alternatively log in as an administrator and type the command: /ban [User Name] [Duration] where “User Name” is the chosen user’s name and “Duration” is constructed as follows: 1m (a ban for 1 minute), 7m (a ban for 7 minutes), 1h (a ban for one hour), 2d (a ban for 2 days), etc. Alternatively you can go to Settings - Wise Chat Settings page, select General tab and select “Only regular WP users” in “Access Mode” combo box.

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Here is a fully-featured example: [wise-chat-channel-stats channel=”my-channel” template=”Channel: Messages: Users: ”] Wise Chat plugin works on any mobile device that supports Javascript and cookies.

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