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But what sets apart from the rest is that these two gifted New York comics never commit the ultimate podcasting sin of saying something funny and then calling it out as a good thing to use as an episode title.It’s what I assume would be the 2017 equivalent of laughing at your own joke.With no new episodes of hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark give is “Stay sexy.Don’t get murdered.”) But the crossover episodes of these two podcasts gave all three women a chance to shine in a new way.

It therefore stands to reason that someone is going to take aim at the tasty target and bring it down a peg or two.

This kind of deep bench of segments could only come from a mind like Brett’s.

Best Podcast for Aspiring Comedians to Listen to – The Hilarious World of Depression Mark: It must be draining to work in a macho industry like finance, where admitting to depression can be seen as a sign of weakness. Even without the consolation prize, aspiring comedians and creators are lucky to have The Hilarious World of Depression.

Peter Oldring, who partners with Pat Kelly on Canada’s magazine show spoof , appears as the bombastic Dexter Guff in this tight-as-a-drum sendup that has Oldring nailing trope after trope of the typical, know-it-all business wonk.

Whether it’s him holding court in his “Thought Palace” (from which he utters his “thought release” each show) or his own special brand of snake oil remedy (Guff Pills), you kinda sorta want to believe the guy’s advice.

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