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Chuck prevents blair from dating

Would a frantic brother really take the time to send a blast gossiping about his sister instead of viewing the information and immediately telling his father so they can get to her as fast as they can? Season 2, Episode 9: There Might Be Blood Yet another blast proves that Dan isn’t Gossip Girl in this episode.

While Dan and Rufus are looking for Jenny, a blast is sent out that a high school girl, Muffy, has lost her virginity.

But his reluctance to make the relationship public doesn’t stop him from kissing Serena passionately in the middle of New York City. Someone snags a photo and sends it into Gossip Girl, but if Dan were so against telling their family and friends, why would he post a photo that outed them to the entire Upper East Side? Season 2, Episode 9: There Might Be Blood Ah, the first of Jenny’s many dramatic pleas for attention.Jenny escapes when she’s grounded to put on a fashion show, you know just normal 15-year-old girl stuff.Rufus and Dan are going mad trying to figure out where she might have gone.Gossip Girl posted this as a favor to Blair and Chuck who sent this in to get the young girl that Blair is watching to throw in the towel in her race to lose her virginity before her friends.Not only is Dan not on good terms with either Chuck or Blair at this point in the series, but this also raises the question: why would Dan keep sending blasts when he’s worried sick searching for his sister? Season 2, Episode 15: Gone With the Will Lilly and Rufus have a love child, say wha?

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Nate (Chace Crawford) was a perfect young Adonis but otherwise not good for much; Serena (Blake Lively) remained gorgeous but annoyingly limpid; the characterization of Vanessa (Jessica Szor) was slipshod at best; Eric (Connor Paolo) was woefully underused; and I missed train wreck Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) almost every episode since her Season 3 departure. The characters may be young, but the appeal of this particular kind of courtship is truly ageless.

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