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Study of Public Schools that Provide Internet Instruction. Report of Graduate Rates for Certain Colleges and Universities. Technical Assistance and Information Provided by Department of Education. Prohibition of Certain Regulations for the 2008-2009 Fiscal Year. Collection of Identifying Information of Students Attending Institutions of Higher Education. Adjustments Based on Consumer Price Index (Repealed).

Payment of Premiums on Officers' Bonds by School Districts.

Property Acquired by State for Water Conservation or Flood Prevention. Affidavit of Uncollectability of Taxes on Real Property.

Budgeted Funds not to be Used for Other Purposes or Exceeded.

Property and Indebtedness and Rental Obligations of Former Component School Districts.

Filing Copy of Action Creating New District, or Affecting Fourth Class District, with Superintendent of Public Instruction. Approval or Disapproval of Creation or Change of Third or Fourth Class Districts.

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