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Contact updating

Press Release - Fraud Involving Jurors and Internal Revenue Service (Posted 6/14/2016) Press Release - Fraud Involving Magistrate’s Court Summons (10/16/2015) Press Release - Fraud Involving e Juror Scam (08/01/2014) Press Release - Fraud Involving Jury Fine Scam (Reposted 03/18/2014) Warning! (Posted 06/02/2014) As per the CM/ECF Administrative Procedures, 3D.: Users shall maintain current contact information (Administrative Order 2005-38). You are still responsible for updating your phone number and email address, if applicable. When prompted to select a case to link the address change to, select update none.

Upon the change of a User’s e-mail address, mailing address, telephone or fax number, the User shall complete the following whenever such a change occurs: • Electronically file a Notice of Change of Address in all the User’s pending cases; • Update the User’s email address in CM/ECF Maintain User Account; and • Update the User’s mailing address, telephone and fax numbers in CM/ECF Maintain User Account. The Clerk’s Office will only associate the address change with those specific cases in which you have filed a Notice of Change of Address. If you are unable to change your address in CM/ECF for any reason, please submit your request in writing to Attorney Admissions (Click here to email the Attorney Admissions) and your information will be updated.

Please read our guidance about updating academy trust governance contacts for more information. You will see a number of contact roles listed in the contact list.

You can add and change contact information for your organisation on ‘My Contact Information’. The contact roles you can see will vary depending on your organisation type.

You can use the same person as a contact in many roles.Use this form to ensure that the contact details we hold for you are up to date. You, the applicant must be one of the registered owners of the property whose address is being updated or act for them.When we receive an application regarding your property, we may write to you about it.These cover all areas we expect to contact you about.You don’t need to inform of us about any contact roles other than those listed.

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When you do update contact information in your account, it remains hidden from the public.