Cougar chat line phone

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Cougar chat line phone

While laying awaiting across in their beds, visions of dildos and cocks danced through their heads. I love the way I look, turning to the side so that I could see my matching red lace thong and lace bra that fit me so perfectly. I start cupping a handful of water and let it go on my breasts.Their eyes closed as they touched and lingered, moaning softly with hopes their pussies would soon be fingered. I can feel the water run down my chest to my stomach.When I answered, the sound of sex was already obvious in my voice. Whenever my boyfriend felt I was talking too much that’s exactly what he would do to send me over the edge.When cumming I completely forgot the cuckolded pervert was even still there. Slipping in half coherent insults between waves of orgasms.The fucked all night and into the day, screaming and moaning and spreading for toys, while shouting out… My bras are all nestled together, and my panties are folded perfectly.

They saw the women all wet and in need, how could they refuse so they stripped indeed. Next, I prop my leg up on the ledge and start lathering.

That was until my boyfriend suddenly replaced his fingers with his hot throbbing cock. 1) having such a powerful orgasm I pushed my boyfriends cock almost completely out of my pussy and 2) my boyfriend thrusting back into me hard and deep before filling me with a huge load of cum.

That sad loser on the phone listened to every part of it knowing he could never have me like that.

My muscle bound brute of a boyfriend makes most men feel inadequate. Plus it was obvious from the way I said it that I didn’t really care if he could handle it or not. He was hiding under the covers hoping his girlfriend wouldn’t catch him… His girlfriend never fucks him and I don’t blame her because he is a disgusting humiliation addict.

Just as he began running his thick fingers between the lips of my pussy the phone began to ring. Those fingers are so thick that just two of them are thicker than the average cock and he knows just how to curl them against my G-spot to make me instantly orgasm.

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