Dating a borderline personality relative vs absolute dating worksheet

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Dating a borderline personality

The common sense idea of these disorders is that the narcissist is self-absorbed, and controlling and the borderline is insecure, and unstable.

In fact all of these things can be true of either type of personality disorder.

The narcissist depends on others to affirm his or her specialness and seeks out people and situations that support this illusion.

I would like to share my thoughts on the basic similarities and differences between these two disorders of the self and how they might affect relationships.

Disorders of the self, or personality disorders, have long been understood as enduring patterns of thinking, emotion and interpersonal functioning which result in poor coping mechanisms and impaired relating of one sort or another.

This is the person who finds out they have devoted their life to a sham or that their hero has feet of clay.

The flimsy sense of self has disintegrated leaving a feeling of anihilation and an inability to cope.

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These patterns were at one time called characterological and were seen as essentially unchangeable.