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Dating a minor in ohio

At an initial court hearing, the prosecutor revealed that he admitted to shooting 10 rounds of ammunition from the gun during the shooting, which began in the school cafeteria at approximately a.m., shortly after school started.

Although Lane told police that he did not know the victims and that they were chosen randomly, witnesses stated that it appeared he targeted a specific student and the group he was sitting with in the cafeteria.

When asked how it was possible to fire as many as ten or more rounds from a revolver in quick succession, the neighbor had no explanation and eventually admitted that the revolver hypothesis was probably not true after all.

In May 2012, a judge determined that Lane was competent to stand trial.

It was found inside the school and recovered by police.

Lane also admitted to taking a knife into Chardon High School.

Reaction to the event prompted a statement from Ohio Governor, John Kasich.

Several prayer vigils were held and a fund for the victims was established.

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The seriously injured victim has since been declared permanently paralyzed. While rumors of a warning of the event having been posted on the Internet circulated, student witnesses identified the shooter as Thomas "T. Although police were initially hesitant to publicly identify the juvenile after he was apprehended, by the evening of February 28, authorities confirmed that the suspect was Lane.

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