Dating antique dining chairs

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Dating antique dining chairs

The most popular wood used in this period was mahogany, with walnut, maple and cherry also present.Legs become straight and regional differences still existed in design elements, such as feet.Two new furniture forms were created in this period. Expect to find a little more comfort in chairs and sofas, but not very thick cushions or seats.

The most popular woods were walnut, poplar, cherry, and maple.

William and Mary, 1690-1730: The style is named for the English King William of Orange and his consort, Mary.

New colonists in America brought their English furniture traditions with them and tried to translate these styles using native woods. Lines of this furniture style tend to be crisp, while facades might be decorated with bold grains of walnut or maple veneers, framed by inlaid bands. Turnings are baluster-shaped and the use of C-scrolls was quite common.

Japanned decoration tends to be in red, green and gilt, often on a blue-green field.

A new furniture form of this period was the tilting tea table.

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Claw and ball feet become even larger and more decorative.

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