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Dating arienne game

Mago, the Dothraki bloodrider in the faction that deserted Daenerys following Khal Drago’s death, was killed off in the TV series, but not in ”.The last we heard of Dany, of course, she had encountered Ko Jhaqo’s Khalasar in the Dothraki sea.

“I’ve actually given up answering the question when it will be done.

This chapter sees Arya late for a rehearsal and running through the Braavos fog to the theatre.

On the evening of the performance, ‘Mercy’ spies Raff the Sweetling as part of a King’s Landing contingent in the audience.

Arya Stark chapter: Now going by the name of Mercedene, or Mercy, Arya Stark is working as part of a Braavosi mummers troupe specialising in classical revenge tragedies (somewhat ironically, her current role appears to be as her sister Sansa, whose marriage to Tyrion has been bastardised for the stage).

She is still having her wolf dreams, and in one, remembers being watched by a tree, likely her brother Bran.

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“When I bring Osha back in , I’ll have Natalia [Tena, who plays her in the HBO series] in mind and perhaps give the character more interesting things to do”, Martin told EW.

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