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Dating dave gramp

They call my mother butter-butt because while they were camping, she backed into a trash basket and got a butter wrapper stuck on her butt.

Recently we had our first son, and my in-laws wanted to know what they should be called.

Everyone loved the name and when she had grandchildren of her own they called her At Mrs Mary too.

Babchi/Dadju: My Grandmother and Grandfather were from the Ukraine.

Bam-maw & Pyjaw: My other set on my mom's side were called Bam-maw (pronounced the way it's spelled) and Pyjaw (pronounced Pah-jaw).

It is, however, more difficult for our older g-child to explain to her Iowa friends what Babci and Dziadzio mean, than say, in ethnic Chicago!!!I don't have a clue what they were thinking or what they couldn't pronounce but I was born 5 years after everybody was named.Be-Bop: My son is 9 weeks old and throughout my pregnancy, we tried to think up names for the grandparents.She loved saying it and Great Grandmas loved hearing it!We used the older, more formal Danish "Bedste mor" for my late mom.

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