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It’s worth mentioning here that Richard Harris, making his final appearance as Dumbledore, knew he might not last through all seven adaptations, but his granddaughter really wanted him to do the role. There’s also a moody colour palette and a lot of brisk, economical storytelling in contrast to the loose, lanky haircuts.

While it’s a shame that he never got to develop the character further as he wanted to, Harris also didn’t want , huge CGI Irish stereotypes, Eric Sykes, and Trigger. The abrupt scene endings suggest there’s an even longer cut out there somewhere (out of interest, would anyone else be up for style Potter releases? The overall effect is that nothing is allowed to breathe. The beginning of the Second Wizard War is rushed, meaning that the best bits of the film are the potentially superfluous character building scenes and the Yule Ball.

The camera work is much smoother, impressive without being ostentatious.

The Weasleys are set up really well, and now the character work is laid and they’re more confident actors, the central trio feel a bit more like real people.

We’re still in fantasy romp territory here, it’s a simple story told efficiently.Eventually Ron comes back with everything that they need because otherwise this film would be nine hours long.Things start picking up again, but by then even the beautifully animated Deathly Hallows tale isn’t enough to counteract the slog that is the middle of the film.The main reason I like these films is that they're inherently silly.Not the ostentatious quirkiness, which varies in quality, but the sheer daftness of the situation.

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At the Battle of Hogwarts they set fire to the Quidditch arena even though there's no one there).

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