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To date, nine of the al Qaeda members named in the indictments have been captured. The attacks were later traced to Saudi exile Osama bin Laden and took place on the eighth anniversary of the deployment of U. In November 1998, the United States indicted bin Laden and 21 others, charging them with bombing the two U. embassies and conspiring to commit other acts of terrorism against Americans abroad.Some of the members of al-Haramain were deported and life went on.

[Kenyan President] Moi personally assured me they would comply.

Newt Gingrich and the Congress closed the federal government a couple of times. As an answer to lack of funding, State Department stopped talking about need.

For example, when we had inadequate staff to fill positions, State eliminated the positions, so we no longer can talk about the need.

I had learned before I got to Nairobi that the Foreign Buildings Operation, now Overseas Building Operations, was planning a -7 million renovation of this building that was unsafe and much too small for us.

Having spent three years in African Affairs dealing with an assortment of disasters, I thought it was dumb to invest more capital in a building that would never be considered safe. I suggested that FBO sell the building and pool the proceeds with the money proposed for the renovations to buy a new site.

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Street preachers, homeless children, muggers, hacks and thousands of pedestrians came by our threshold every day.