Dating nelson new zealand

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This has resulted in about 450 km of displacement along the Alpine Fault.

And the Murihiku supergroup in the west, with a good series of fossils, with sediments rich in volcanic debris.

The Torlesse supergroup rocks were deposited further away from a landmass, mostly in deep water, and the Murihiku rocks represent mainly 4.

The Rangitata Orogeny, Early Cretaceous period (about 142 to 99 million years ago) During this orogeny, the previously deposited geosyncline (3) sediments were compressed and folded.

Widespread tectonic activity continued from 10 million years ago to the modern, and during this time the principal mountain ranges of both islands were uplifted and New Zealand began taking its modern shape.

The subduction of the Pacific plate caused much volcanism in the North Island, starting initially in Northland in the early Miocene and moving south over time until it reached its present position along the Taupo Volcanic Zone.

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