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Dating omani girls

The reforms continue today and saw a tremendous growth in school attendance.

The gender equality was the next focus of the education reform, especially after Oman’s 1995 "Vision 2020" that focused on the country’s economic future.

The housewife is essential to the upkeep of the family and will take command of all agricultural production while her husband is away for months at a time.

These women work hard to support a family and tend to many matters traditionally seen by the man.

Omani society and legislation as a whole is based on the Islamic Sharia law which provides men and women with different rights and responsibilities.

The country's progressive interpretation of Sharia law means that women are allowed to participate in politics, society and workforce to the fullest extent possible, but at the same time not allowing them to ignore their responsibilities they have towards their families.

In the 1980s, the Omani government sponsored construction of school buildings, the providing of adequate equipment and textbooks, and the provision of teacher training.In 1997, the Omanisation Policy was implemented, committing to the promise of gradually replacing foreign labor dependence with Omani workers, giving women more of a chance to participate in the work force and making jobs more accessible to all Omanis.Women now make up 30% of the workforce and even serve in ministerial positions.The main goal of this unit was to set up classes for women to learn basic household skills and day-care centers for the handicapped and disabled.Despite the slight setbacks, Oman is still considered to be one of the leading Gulf countries in terms of gender equality and continue to make positive strides.

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The country has made a concerted effort to improve the rights of women in accordance with the Sharia, at the same time keeping their responsibilities in mind as well.