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Take for example, Johnny Carson, who happens to be someone I truly admire for his outstanding, brilliant and dignified work on television.He has been able to accomplish the difficult task of guarding his privacy and that of his family members from journalists and from the public at large, while at the same time enjoying extreme popularity, although at the price of occasionally being accused of being a "recluse" or "eccentric". Once in a while, I accidentally become aware of things that have been written about me, and when that happens, more often than not, I find that what they have written about me is inaccurate (at best) and then, of course, I get a bit upset.Certainly, not the case with me; in fact, quite to the contrary!Although I have never liked large social gatherings and giving interviews, and I do guard my privacy as much as possible, I do cherish any opportunity to gather with any of my friends or family members, and nothing makes me happier than spending a few hours chatting with them, or having them come over to my house so that I can cook for them.But, all in all, I perceive myself as very spiritual. I believe in the existence of the soul and in its immortality.

The interesting phenomena that puzzles me in today's "pop oriented" culture is that whenever an artist chooses to guard their personal life and conduct themselves with discretion, this artist is invariably labeled "eccentric", or a "recluse", or "difficult".However, by choice, I don't read anything that is written about me.All of my friends, management, family members and musicians that have worked with me know to keep stuff written about me from me.What difference could my point of view possibly make in a world where so much is said and written about everything, on a daily basis? Carol: I understand what you're saying, but for the moment, let's assume that it would make your fans happy to know a little bit about how you perceive the world.If anything, I believe that maybe too much is being said! Knowing you a little bit, myself, I dare say that you're a very opinionated person.

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