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The controlled time frame encourages personal conversation and real question asking and bypasses all the mundane small talk.

Catherine, 31, Hackensack, NJ I have been on a few dating sites.

Who wants to go through 2 tunnels and 3 bridges every time they want to spend time with somebody?

I like NJ First Dates because all their singles are from jersey so even though some of the guys I meet may be a little further away in terms of miles, it takes me half as long to meet up with them.

Amanda, 26, Secaucus, NJ It was a great experience! Jay, 38, West Patterson, NJ My friend had convinced me to attend your Morris County event last month.

Made some good friends and actually met someone very interesting. He had his mind set on going, but didn’t want to go it alone. I ended up having a great time and we both have dates next week with girls we really hit it off with.

Speed dating took that part out of the equation by setting me up on 15 dates every time I would attend an event.I was so glad to see John’s name on the list of people who felt like they connected with me.I just got off the phone with him and confirmed our date for next Saturday. Isabella, 27, Fair Lawn, NJ I always liked the idea of dating guys I have met while being out and about.Jen, 29, Nutley, NJ I can’t believe I ever wasted my time with online dating sites, or being set up on blind dates. The point is; I don’t have a lot of opportunities to meet people.NJ First Dates is just the kind of thing that busy people like myself have been looking for.

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The MFJC offers the door to hope and safety for survivors and their families.