Dating site bans overweight people speed dating roseville ca

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Dating site bans overweight people

But in his mid-twenties, Richard learned about seduction.Soon he had no trouble picking up thousands of women and began teaching others about his pick-up dating techniques.On his trip, his realized that Eastern European women - particularly Russian girls - were the most superior from the girls he met.So in September 2011, Richard decided to permanently move to Moscow with the single purpose of meeting his future wife.'My business was doing well so I decided to go travelling and focus on my personal life.In fact, after realising that British women were 'not marriage material', Richard moved to Moscow, Russia in 2011 with the sole purpose of finding a girl to settle down with.

Unlike British women, Eastern European girls don't like their men to skirt around the subject.Richard La Ruina, 37, from Cambridge has published two bestselling-books on seduction and was named 'Britain's number one superstar chat-up artist' by a newspaper in 2008.The dating expert says that British women have become entitled and overweight and firmly advises clients to avoid homegrown ladies and go for Eastern European girls - who are more feminine, well mannered and prettier in his opinion.After shedding the pounds, the telesales manager from Bognor Regis, Sussex was finally able to fit into the wedding dress she had always dreamed of.And with supportive Kate's encouragement, 23-stone builder John lost more than seven stone, reaching 15.5 stone for the ceremony in November. I could eat four packets of crisps and a whole packet of biscuits in one day.

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I never ate fruit and vegetables - I preferred to eat takeaways and kebabs four or five times a week.