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Datinground com

The technology, however, is able to make such accurate, granular decisions because at the outset spent 5 years listening to the songs and defining their attributes.Per 4 minute song, experts in music theory spent 20 to 30 minutes carefully analyzing the tracks and marking the presence or absence of about different traits.There are a lot more than two factors at play, but amidst our predilections towards scalable algorithms and pure tech solutions, it’s worth considering startups in the market that have a hankering for the hybrid.Dating Found is a startup based in Toronto and its “With these other big services like, and e Harmony, you’re just paying for a database.

You then go through the same exercise for people with whom you would like to be matched.

As of the March this year, they had over 81 million active listeners.

While other streaming music services may get more buzz these days, Pandora, sitting at a comfortable market cap of 4.6 billion, is still a monster.

More importantly though, do you remember Pandora was so awesome when it first launched in 2000 and what continues to give it an edge? Specifically, people behind The Music Genome Project.

Pandora obviously uses intelligent technology to dynamically build themed playlists that are not only in tune with what music “is like other music” but also each listener’s detailed preferences within genres.

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To start, this data does in fact run through an algorithm allowing the system to quickly filter out other users that do not meet key criteria.