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Once ready I'll drive her to the Burj and snap some great photos! Without trying to steal your thunder here are a couple of pictures I took while I was there. Nice photos, I always wanted to visit Dubai and UAE.

Any good inexpensive hotels that you can recommend?

Life is good here and will be better once my NSX arrives! Jetpilot as long as they can still bring in their money.... i also heard the the gov't doesn't allow hi-speed internet, and everything is still run through phone lines? Its more modern in Dubai than most places in North America!!! We get google video, youtube, facebook, etc etc....

The car is expected to arrive in Dubai close to August 10th and as soon as she's here it will be carefully washed and detailed. Congrats on the purchase My parents live in Dubai and I was there just a couple of weeks ago. BTW as far as women are concerned, do they need to wear head cover even though they are tourists?Family man: Letterman with wife, Regina Lasko and son, Harry in St Barts in 2007 I don't watch his show; but I do remember watching it a number of years ago when they had a guest with some animal on the stage.The animal got free and ran under his desk....cameraman followed --impromptu, unplanned -- and got a great shot of a big bottle of bourbon under his desk.I am in my 50s, been divorced for a very long time.Finally fell in love with a man that was just finalizing his divorce after a nightmare marriageis what's happening to me an excuse for him to lie and hide or cheat?

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I saw elsewhere that NBC's Fallon took a shot at Letterman: "There was book written on 360 reasons women have sex with men and Letterman knows top 10 of those reasons" LOL Seems that way.