Dendro dating wood

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Introduction Dendrochronology is used as for exact dating of tree-ring width series of wood.

The principle is straightforward: variation in tree-ring width is to a great extent influenced by climate.

These regional master chronologies serve as a reference for dating tree-ring sequences.

Dendrochronologial dating is not a core business of the Dendro-Lab of Göttingen University.

Either there is decayed wood in a wall which has to be revived or there is an opening made for a new door.

That's your chance to get several samples from the house!

If you have samples made with a chain saw, then you do need a grinding machine, an "abrasive belt grinder".

If you are working with samples of oakwood, bear in mind that grinding dust from any hardwood may be carcinogenic.

The fact that bog oaks and bog pines were growing under marginal site conditions with prevailing high ground-water levels makes them sensitive indicators of environmental, i.e. Hence ultra-long tree-ring chronologies of bog oaks and pines form a unique archive to study post-glacial climatic and environmental changes.

Paleodendendroecology is one of the main research issues at the Dendro-Lab of Göttingen University.

The study material comprises subfossil tree remains from ‘Kiesgruben’ along the rivers Main, Fulda, Lahn, Oker and from peat-bog areas in Northern Germany.

Though, when the wood is heavily infected by woodworms the samples fall to pieces and you get wood-flour instead of treerings.

This type of borer also have an outer diameter higher than 10 mm which demands not only a strong drilling machine but also a boring chuck which is wide enough.

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Of course you cannot do this with your favorite house or an old historical house which should be preserved.

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