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Double your dating link

When this kind of tactic doesn't work for a guy, he'll usually TRY HARDER, and become even MORE of a WUSSY to make a girl like him...

and the more a girl runs away, the more a WUSSY most guys become.

YOU DO THE MATH and figure out the outcome of this equation.

It totally blows my mind how a guy will kiss up to a woman and watch with HIS OWN TWO EYES as she becomes more and more distant... Because I, my friend, used to be a BIG TIME Wuss Bag.

But just because you haven't yet learned how to use and develop these natural talents doesn't mean that you can't start NOW. Just a few short years ago, I couldn't even start a CONVERSATION with a woman I didn't know...

You can go and download it right now and literally be reading it within a few minutes.And if that wasn't bad enough, here's the REALLY bad news: Women will NEVER feel ATTRACTION for this kind of behavior, or this kind of guy!(If you even doubt what I'm saying for a SECOND, then try this simple test: Find 3 attractive women, and ask them if they ever feel a gut-level ATTRACTION for guys who kiss up to them and act like Wussies, and watch what they say.) Want some even WORSE news?Notice that I didn't say "Women are pretty good at figuring out whether or not you're a Wuss". I said that women have MILITARY GRADE WUSS-DETECTION SYSTEMS.I'm talking special forces navy seal top gun covert ops here. Women say to themselves "I really SHOULD date a nice guy instead of all these SEXY JERKS that I've been seeing. Girly Man take me out to dinner a few times and maybe I can learn to like him". If a woman doesn't have anything going on at all, dinner with a Wussy and a constant stream of compliments and attention is better than nothing. Men are NOTORIOUS for showing their "non-Wuss" side early on, but then somehow turning into a woman's worst nightmare Wuss Boy as the relationship progresses. Well, sometimes these things are like a substance abuse problem.

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Next, you need to learn how to EVICT your inner Wuss, and then it's time to get down to business and learn how to create that magical feeling called ATTRACTION inside of women. Making women feel a powerful, gut-level ATTRACTION for you doesn't require looks or money, and I honestly believe that almost ANY man can learn how to do it.

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