Drinking and dating

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He helmed "Late Night" starting in 2009 before succeeding Jay Leno at "The Tonight Show" in February 2014.

But his rash of accidents last year raised concerns.

Many doctors recommend a glass of red wine a night to lower the risk of heart disease.

Although the Mayo Clinic says, “it’s possible that red wine isn’t any better than beer, white wine or liquor for heart health,” which we’re taking to mean all of the above is a healthy choice in moderation. But hey, if you aren’t one for moderation, at least take solace in the fact that every glass of wine you take makes you one step closer to becoming Olivia Pope.

Because if you add an orange slice to your drink you must be getting your daily recommended value of Vitamin C, right? Because you really don’t have that much in common with your friends from high school anymore. To make you forget how small and insignificant you are in this game we call life.

What better way is there to bond with new roommates?

During a presentation for the Television Critics Assn.

winter press tour, Greenblatt told the assembled media that Fallon was "going to be fine for many years to come."See the most-read stories in Entertainment this hour After the presentation, while talking to a smaller group of reporters, Greenblatt got more specific, according to the Hollywood Reporter."He doesn't have a drinking problem that any of us know about.

After his October fall at a Harvard Lampoon event in his honor, Fallon introduced himself in his monologue as "Trippy Fallon," appearing onstage wearing a hard hat and safety goggles."I had another mishap.

Namely: beer, which was safer to drink than water on the ship. Mulled wine and warm cider make sub-freezing weather kind of bearable. And nothing says summer like a fruity drink by the pool.

In areas with poor sanitation, various travel guides say it’s safer to drink a brew than risk microbe-filled water. In fact, the lore goes that the pilgrims chose to stop at Plymouth Rock because they were running out of provisions.

(Meg James)NBC just renewed "Late Night" host Seth Meyers' show through 2021, a move that was announced during the presentation and interpreted by some as an insurance policy against problems with the injury-prone Fallon.

Fallon, who ended his stint as "SNL's" "Weekend Update" anchor a few years years before Meyers took over that chair, has consistently delivered in late-night talk ratings.

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The high ratings, and Trump's status as the Republican front-runner in the...

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