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The message "Replication cannot proceed because cannot maintain uniform access control list on replicas," indicates that the "Enforce a consistent Access Control List" option has been set on a replica but the server storing the replica doesn't have the Manager access required to replicate the access control list. If you rely on scheduled replication to populate a replica stub on a server with documents from a replica on another server, a correctly-configured connection record must exist between the two servers storing the replica and the replica stub.

Confirm with your Notes administrator that an appropriate connection record exists.

Why can't I change which documents are replicated to my local drive? To enable replication, choose File - Replication - Settings, click Other, and deselect "Temporarily disable replication." The replica IDs are not the same.

Check that the access control list for each database gives sufficient access to servers. The consistent access control list option is preventing replication. If a source server uses a directory link to point to a replica, the destination server must be given access to the directory link in order to receive changes. A variety of server conditions can prevent replication including mistakes in Connection documents, servers that are down, hardware or software problems, and so on. Why do I see the message "Database is not fully initialized yet" If you rely on scheduled replication to populate a replica stub, the server storing the replica stub must have at least Reader access in the source server replica ACL to pull the documents from the source server.Why doesn't a replica database contain all the documents it should?If none of the following explanations apply, try clearing the replication history.Notes cannot populate a replica stub if replication is disabled on the source or destination server replica.To see if replication is disabled, select the database icon, choose File - Replication - Replication Settings and click the Other icon.

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