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Exclusively dating and taking it slow

silvercity Here is an example which was discussed with some colleagues today and I would like your thoughts on it: (there are def. If someone wanted to be 'exclusive' with me I would assume that we were now considered an item, boyfriend/girlfriend.

And this doesn’t just apply to him but to you as well.

Decide whether you want him enough to ask him about exclusivity, but IMO is he is ambivalent and waffles, then back away before you get hurt.

You do not need the pain of being cheated on if you commit yourself.

We were both at different points in our lives back then and we agreed that it would not have worked if we continued then.

We started to hang out with each other lately and after a few times together I decided I did not want to continue this way.

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And that I could learn to snowboard or hand out at the mountain spa lol Another thing that bugged him is that we work in the same building and he did not want to discuss work and the people at work while at home... The first date we had such great time that end up having sex in his car. It has been two weeks after that day, we haven't seen each other because either I am busy or he is. We have been calling each other and texting every day. Two days ago he told me he had met other 2 chicks not on-line but work place. He explained to me that I am amazing and all that stuff.. Am I being too old fashion and that's the way it is in Canada?

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