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Most eye specialists expect multifocal lens designs to improve.One approach under development is a plastic gel that would be injected into the capsule that held the original lens and would form a highly pliable new lens.Marian Macsai, professor and vice chairman of the department of ophthalmology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.“But in the hundreds and hundreds of patients who’ve opted for these lenses, I haven’t had anyone ask me to take them out.Monofocal lenses, meanwhile, are already so refined that the results for many patients are dramatic.“You can have someone who’s very nearsighted, who basically can’t see until they reach for their glasses in the morning,” said Dr.We’ll do surgery on one eye, and afterwards they come and say, “I never realized.

In addition, multifocal lenses designed to present two images to the retina can decrease contrast, making it more difficult to see in dim light. I try not to drive at night.” Some doctors believe the drawbacks outweigh the benefits, especially because the majority of patients end up having to wear reading glasses for very fine print.Progress in the field has been nothing short of astonishing, experts say, starting with the development of artificial lenses about 30 years ago.“In the early days, all we could do was remove the cataractous lens,” said Dr. Egbert, director of the Cataract Service at Stanford University.“Patients ended up with no lens in their eye to focus and had to wear very thick glasses to see.Nobody was happy with the results.” Patients can now choose from a wide range of artificial lenses.

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The most common are monofocal lenses, which focus vision at a single distance, the way a pair of standard glasses does.

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